BJ Knights

BJ Knights is a professional musician and instructor living in Nashville, TN.  Originally from the Boston area, BJ spent many years as a guitar instructor and performer before heading south to Music City.  Currently, BJ maintains a busy schedule as the lead guitarist for Lauren Ashley and the Trainwreckers, a freelance sideman on both guitar and bass, and an instructor, offering both online lessons through Real World Guitar and in-person lessons in the greater Nashville and Boston area.

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    Friday Night at the Kroger... 

    Yep, that's right, Friday is a big night down here in Nashville.  Well, it is for most folks anyway.  If you guys are picturing Nashville being all wild and crazy on a Friday night, you're probably right.  Although I can't tell you first hand.  I did, however, spend this past Friday evening at one of the hottest hangouts in town.  The local Kroger.  Common knowledge seems to dictate that for a musician, Friday nights would be best spent downtown,  but clearly they haven't been to TN.  For my money, it…Read more

    Leavin' on a Southbound Train... 

    So I realize that some of you guys, especially those with whom I get to jam on a regular basis, already know that I'll be heading out of town, but I wanted to keep everyone in the loop as to the time frame and what's actually going on.  And while it's going to be in my beat up old Corolla as opposed to on a southbound train, I will indeed be leaving for Nashville right after Thanksgiving weekend.  In addition, I've had a fair amount of people ask for information, or to keep them updated regularly, so I'm…Read more