BJ is now offering a select number of spots for Guitar Coaching, an intensive lesson program designed specifically for the most serious musicians looking to truly take their musicianship and guitar playing to the next level.  Not a program for beginners (or the faint of heart!), Guitar Coaching is aimed at working musicians and long-time players who are finally ready to get over whatever hurdles have been holding them back, musically or professionally.

The program includes an introductory assessment, a weekly 1 hour lesson (in person or online), a personally designed practice program down to the last detail, with specific exercises, songs, and etudes covering all the most important areas of guitar playing, as well as email contact with BJ throughout the week for any questions/guidance needed.  In addition, you'll receive weekly PDFs or GuitarPro files with whatever you will be working on for the week.  

If you're finally ready to approach music, guitar, and your career differently, shoot me an email and we can see if the Guitar Coaching program is a good fit for you!